Non-Toxic Crayons: Crayon Rocks

If you've been looking for non-toxic, eco-friendly products for children, look no further. Crayon Rocks are special little crayons made out of soybeans grown in the USA. Not only are the crayons made out of natural soy, they are beautifully colored with natural mineral powders too.

Crayon RocksCrayon Rocks

The size and shape of the crayons fit perfectly in little hands. Crayon Rocks were designed to actually strengthen grip muscles which help with fine motor and handwriting skills. Barbara Lee DeBoll, a special needs educator, developed the crayons.

Crayon RocksCrayon Rocks


Crayon Rocks are packaged in a variety of ways:

  • 16 Rocks in a Red Velvet Bag include 16 fun colors in a red bag and retail for under $7.
  • The Treasure Bag includes 8 primary colors. The crayons are packaged in a blue bag and retail for under $5.
  • Rocks in a Box include many fun colors. They are packaged in an eco-friendly box and retail for around $20.

Crayon RocksCrayon Rocks

Whichever combination you select, your little artist will love creating all sorts of colorful masterpieces with the eco-friendly Crayon Rocks. Recommended for children 3 and above, Crayon Rocks look good enough to eat - but don't! You can get the Crayon Rocks here and here

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May 24, 2009
by Anonymous


Im going to buy one for my brother~ as his birthday gift!!

May 28, 2009
by JDoors
JDoors's picture

Beautiful, but ...

What a gorgeous product. But. Crayons that can't draw a thin line? Fat sidewalk chalk, I can see, but crayons? I dunno.