Noodle-Brained Character Promotes Udon, is Japan's First Vegan Zombie

As if Japan doesn't have enough problems, vegetarian zombies have reportedly hit the streets searching for fresh BRAAAII... er, UUUUUDON!! Don't worry though, you're only in danger if your brains have been magically replaced by udon noodles. Just thinking of them won't get you in trouble, though that's exactly what the crafty tourism promoters in Kagawa are planning on.

Since people obviously and distressingly aren't eating enough udon, authorities have resorted to drastic measures: call in the zombies!

Chubby, friendly, vegan zombies, mind you, like “Udon No”, a cute yet grotesque character created by a local designer and adopted as the “official ambassador” of an udon producers' association in Takamatsu, Kagawa's capitol city.

The noodle-brained mascot may be the latest initiative by Kagawa prefecture in their long-running effort to make the province synonymous with delicious, thick, chewy udon noodles but it's not the only one.

Since last October provincial authorities have been billing Kagawa as “Udon Prefecture” and have even issued mock passports. As well, a video of a fictitious news conference announcing an actual name change went viral, racking up 170,000 views in a single day.

“Udon No” may look weird but Kagawa's udon promoters are hoping he'll strike a chord in noodle fans across Japan. “I am the same in that the only thing in my brain is udon,” stated Shigeki Omine, chairman of the udon producers' association. Uh huh... y'know what, forget zombies – we may be looking at a full-blown invasion of the noodle snatchers here. (via The Japan Times, Rocketnews24, Ryuodaiko, and Kagawa Home Page)