NoPoPo Eco Flashlight Lights Up On Liquids


Move over, Energizer Bunny - the NoPoPo Eco Flashlight shines light when needed, even if it's needed a decade down the road. The flashlight's hydro-electric battery runs on most any liquid... yes, ANY liquid.

InventorSpot's sterling environmental writer Gloria Campos-Hensley broke the story of the revolutionary NoPoPo hydro-electric battery last summer and products featuring this revolutionary technology are starting to leak out into the marketplace. Let's just hope their power sources don't do the same... yes, NoPoPo batteries can run on water, beer, cola, even urine. The guy who thought 'em up must be some whiz kid (sorry, couldn't resist).

In any case, the $54 (plus $18 shipping) NoPoPo Eco Flashlight does indeed pack clean, environmentally friendly power in the form of a proprietary NoPoPo hydro-electric battery from Aqua Power Japan. I'd like to imagine that Japanese engineers worked their finely honed expertise in miniaturization to shrink the Hoover Dam down to size but no - the battery looks pretty much like an AA-size dry cell except for the syringe (included) needed to charge it with any favorite (or handy) liquid.

The 3.75 by 1.08 inch (9.65 by 2.75cm) NoPoPo Eco Flashlight uses a white LED lamp and can be used as flashlight or a stand-alone lantern. It should be noted that the battery can only be charged 4 times but if you're keeping the Eco Flashlight in your home or office emergency kit, that shouldn't be a problem. Ordering info and full specifications can be found at Japan Trend Shop.