Nordic Auto Plow Personal Snowplow... Turns Your Winter Beater Into A Snow Eater

Wouldn't it be cool if you could attach a snowplow blade to your car or truck's front bumper without the need for hitches or hydraulics? Yes it would and yes you can! The Nordic Auto Plow is the “personal snowplow” you've been looking for, even though it doesn't include a Mr Plow jacket.

If you thought those omnipresent online images of Corvettes and Porsches seemingly sporting snowplow blades were not quite what they appeared to be, well, you thought right. Doesn't take a lot of work to pull up to a parked snowplow blade and snap a few pics of the resulting unlikely combo, now does it?

While such pics might crack a smile or two, they can also leave you wondering why someone hasn't invented a real instant personal snowplow. Well guess what – they have, and by “they” we mean the nice folks at Nordic Auto Plow.

The made-in-USA Nordic Auto Plow Personal Snowplow (Model# NAP101) “transforms your car, SUV or truck into an effective snow-moving machine in seconds,” according to the spiel at the product page. Really, “seconds”? Really and truly: check out this video of a pregnant woman installing one in well under a minute. Hoochie mama!

The Nordic Auto Plow Personal Snowplow only weighs 51 pounds thanks to its tough yet flexible plastic blade. It measures 79” wide by 19.5” tall and the blade is set at a 30-degree angle. Rounded edges ensure it won't catch on paving bricks and the blade is reversible, effectively doubling its lifespan. You can even mount it on your vehicle's rear bumper if you pulled into your garage before the blizzard began.

End markers, 4 adjustable straps and 2 bungee cords are included and although some assembly is required, Nordic Auto Plow has embedded an instructional video at their online product page: look & learn, peeps!

One proviso is that the Nordic Plow won't fit ANY vehicle: it's designed for passenger cars and SUVs with front bumpers measuring 14" from the ground to the bottom of the bumper.

Bumpers between 14” and 17” from the ground will require the purchase of square bolts and some modification of the standard assembly instructions and if the distance is over 17", well, you're on your own. (images via Autoblog and Power Equipment Direct)

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