'Nose Clipper' Clamp Gives You A Cleopatra Nose

Who knew Japan had issues with nose size and shape? Supposedly, stereotypical small, round noses are somewhat less than fashionable there. Maybe it's just one of those "grass is greener on the other side" things - women in the West prefer to take the opposite route to The Perfect Nose via rhinoplasty, or a nose job.

That's where the Nose Clipper comes in, and never mind its incongruous name. The point of this updated medieval torture device is to make noses sharper, not clip them down, but accuracy in English isn't one of CoCo's strong suits in any case. But all that's by the by... Engrish aside, the Nose Clipper isn't anything to sneeze at.

Available in blue or pink, the device is meant to be worn on one's nose daily and nightly. Obviously it's going to pinch your social life and not just your proboscis. The theory is that noses are partially made of cartilage, which is more flexible than bone. Seeing as braces worn 24-7 can make an amazing difference to the layout of a user's teeth, the thought process behind the Nose Clipper may not be so far-fetched.

But hey, I'm no expert. Ears are also mostly cartilage and we don't see folks adjusting their shape, size and positioning with the aid of external clamps and whatnot. Still, what's $7.50 to spend on giving the Nose Clipper a shot? It's cheaper than plastic surgery and you could hardly end up looking weirder than Michael Jackson, for instance... unless you're wearing the thing. (via Texyt) Also available in the U.S. on Amazon here.

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