Nose Jobs Without Surgery: Devices Fix Your Flaws

Hands up if you hate your nose! You can't turn around these days without hearing someone at the coffee shop or seeing some celebrity in a magazine talking about their desire for plastic surgery, and often, their nose is an area of concern. Surgery hurts physically and financially, so fix your flaws in a cheap and painless way.

Nose Jobs Without SurgeryNose Jobs Without Surgery

Well, I said no pain, but I can't promise no discomfort with these devices. After all, didn't someone say that there's no beauty without pain? The Nose Up Beauty Clip is designed to lift and shape your nose with a little bit of pressure. Presumably, it also works well for diaper changing or septic tank repairs. The other device is for those who don't need a boost, but rather a straighten. This little plastic device clamps on to get rid of those nose kinks.

Nose Up Beauty ClipNose Up Beauty Clip

Who's to say if these little devices are as good as surgery, but when you can buy both for 10 bucks and you're trying to get your face looking as good as your body for bikini season, what's there to lose, really?

Nose Up Bridge StraightenerNose Up Bridge Straightener

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