Nosebleeds Stopped Cold by NoseBudd

Nosebleeds are a common occurrence during childhood, but now they don’t have to stop a family party, a fun day of playing outside, or whatever else happens to be going on in life when one strikes. Thanks to the NoseBudd, developed by a man who was born with severe hemophilia, nosebleed attacks are stopped cold.

NoseBudd is easy enough for children to useNoseBudd is easy enough for children to use

How does it work? The NoseBudd looks just like a miniature ice pack, living in the freezer until it’s time to use it. Simply pull it out and apply it to the bridge of the nose during a nosebleed, and cold pressure is applied to the specific source of the bleeding. NoseBudd contains a special freezable gel, safe for children , while giving them the independence to heal their bloody noses without any help from mom and dad.

This innovative product is available through NoseBudd’s official website or through Amazon, and is perfect for all ages and circumstance. Buy now for great shipping prices, and experience an amazing solution to a chronic childhood issue! (Buy here )

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Sep 9, 2008
by Anonymous

That's awesome

I wish they had this around when I was little! I used to get nosebleeds practically every day.

Sep 10, 2008
by Anonymous

Another Use

They should market them to ENT doctors/hospitals to give to people that have surgery on their nose like I did. It would have been nice to put something small and compact on my nose instead of a big gel pack.