Not Your Grandmother's Support Hose: 10+ Compression Socks To Knock Your (Old) Socks Off


In the old days - you might not remember them - our grandmas wore 'support hose' to keep the veins in their legs and feet from swelling. Pregnant women were also prescribed support hose to keep ankle edema down.  Today, it's become clear that nearly everything we do with our legs requires some support - whether it's sitting, standing, running, walking, biking, or weight training.  Support comes in the form of 'compression,' compression of veins and arteries in the legs.

Athletes who wear compression socks provide anecdotal 'support' for the socks and say they perform better and longer while wearing them. As a use for remediation of edema, phlebitis, thrombosis and other vein disorders, compression has been one of the main therapies implemented for many years, and there is considerable scientific evidence of its medical benefits.  So if you are either on your feet a lot or you are in one position a lot, either reclining or sitting much of the time, you should be wearing support socks, because they can also help prevent veinous disorders from occuring.

Lucky you, though.... We are no longer shopping for your grandma's grand old beige leg wraps.  No, compression socks have hit the runway now; they are in, they are even designer-wear!

Here are some of the major brands and examples of perfectly stunning foot and legwear for your jambs!

1 - 4.  Bondi Band Compression Socks

Bondi Band's selection of compression socks and other compression items is vast and, though priced somewhat higher than some of the other brands of support legwears, the company promises a lot in a sock, as is displayed in the diagram below:

 Bondi Band Compression Sock DiagramBondi Band Compression Sock Diagram

Bondi Band Compression Socks: image via bondiband.comBondi Band Compression Socks: image via

Here are a few of the gorgeous Bondi Band styles, starting with the Bondi Band Diva Socks... (If you can afford them, you're a diva!)

Bondi Band Diva Compression SocksBondi Band Diva Compression Socks

Bondi Band Leopard Socks come in a few different colors; here shown in White Leopard...

Bondi Band White Leopard Compression SocksBondi Band White Leopard Compression Socks

Light your spirits and the streets up with these Bondi Band Purple and Blue Argyle support socks, also available in other colors...

Bondi Band Purple and Blue Argyle Compression SocksBondi Band Purple and Blue Argyle Compression Socks

And there are many styles from Bondi Band that just contain one simple logo or design, like a shamrock or a peace sign or a pink flower...















5 - 7. Celeste Stein Fashion Compression Socks

For those new to compression socks, you might want to try the Celeste Stein brand (you'll find dozens at this link!)They have a light to medium fit and work well for those who do not stress their legs too much, as well as those who are new to control socks.  The many designs are very cool; the fabric is almost sheer and they look like tatoos on your legs!  They are quite popular socks, but those whose legs are on the heavy side complain that they do not fit well - so these are for thin to medium size calves.

Here are just a few of the many Celeste Stein innovative designs....

The Celeste Stein Skulls Compression Socks... Use this link to find this and many other styles. When you reach the page, just scroll down the menu and a photo of each design will appear next to its corresponding name.

Celeste Stein Skulls Compression SocksCeleste Stein Skulls Compression Socks

Celeste Stein Purple Peacock Compression SocksCeleste Stein Purple Peacock Compression Socks

 Celeste Stein Abstract Roses Compression SocksCeleste Stein Abstract Roses Compression Socks

 8. NurseMates Compressions Socks

Nursemates has some really cute socks in super fun patterns. You can see many of the current offerings here.  One of my current favorites is this happy hearts sock.

 NurseMates Pink Hearts Compression SocksNurseMates Pink Hearts Compression Socks


9. Sockwell Damask Compression Socks

Sockwell is another very popular brand of compression socks.  These are light to medium compression and are great for beginners and for those just requiring some compression - not a lot. The materials used to make these socks are unusual, as many pairs are some form of stretch nylon.  These are make of merino wool, stretch nylon, bamboo, and spandex.  There are four different colors of the Sockwell Damask Compression Socks available on this link.

Sockwell Concorde Damask Compression SocksSockwell Concorde Damask Compression Socks


10.  Fytto (Plain Old) Solid Color Compression Knee-High Socks 

If you don't feel up to getting fancy, the Fytto Solid Color Compression socks are low compression and will not distract from the rest of your duds.  These are very very popular, so they must be good and you can get them to match most of your clothes - in black, brown, burgundy, and nude.

Fytto Nude Suppression Knee-High SocksFytto Nude Suppression Knee-High Socks


11.  BriteLeafs Thigh High Compression Stockings

BriteLeafs makes a medium to high compression stocking, great for people who are on their feet all day or those with a history of leg swelling.  The BriteLeafs come in many formats, but mostly solid colors.  The Thigh Highs below are not only supportive, but they're kind of sexy too!

 BriteLeafs Thigh High Compression StockingsBriteLeafs Thigh High Compression Stockings



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