Neat Idea? It’s A Watch And A TV Remote All In One!

Back in the 1970s, science fiction author Douglas Adams sarcastically called digital watches “a pretty neat idea.” The same cannot be said about XKD’s digital watch and TV remote combo apparently called… "TV/VCD Remote Control Watch with Stainless Steel Watch Belt". No clever, catchy names here. What’s its Asian connection? It’s made in the home of high-tech toys and the place where American companies go to save a few bucks too. China, naturally.

The TV WatchThe TV Watch


It’s a digital watch, from 1985, apparently. You can read your watch at night, thanks to the backlight. And there’s a chime too. Added to this cutting-edge technology is the “remote control,” which has a power button, a d-pad and another button in the center which the watch face says is for mode. Hopefully you don’t have 1,000 channels on your TV, because you’ll be pressing your watch for a long time to get all the way to that fifth home-shopping network.

It’s got a stopwatch function, so you can go for a jog around the block, keeping track of your time, then come home and use the very same watch to watch your favorite exercise video. It’s got a calendar (in order: year, month, date) and civilian and military time. Of course, what kind of bleeding-edge technology would be compete without its “English instructions manual.” Would you want to operate something this exciting without being assured the instructions are in a language you know?

The watch and remote is available here, for just US$7.25. Shipping is free. What a deal!

May 30, 2008
by Anonymous


I guess I'm to used to ordinary remote controls. I wouldn't want this one.

May 30, 2008
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture

Where's the remote?

At least you won't have to hunt for the remote - since it's strapped to your wrist.

Jan 6, 2009
by Anonymous