Not Again, RIM: The BlackBerry Orlando Leak

I don't know what's up with all these BlackBerry leaks lately but here's another one for you that's just in: the BlackBerry Orlando. Unlike the previous leaks, there aren't too many detailed photos or specifications but a leak is a leak until the phone's been announced by Research In Motion (RIM) and as of this moment, they still haven't done so yet.

Our source this time is N4BB which claims that the new device has been given the code name BlackBerry Orlando. It resembles the form of the BlackBerry Sedona and BlackBerry Apollo but differs as it sports a touchscreen. It's interesting to point out that both the Sedona and the Apollo were also leaked to the press before they were officially announced by RIM.

A lot of people are describing it as a mini BlackBerry Bold Touch and have posed the question as to why RIM is currently working on so many devices that differ very little in their specifications. I couldn't agree more.

It's also expected that the BlackBerry Orlando will come with the updated OS 6.1 as well as a physical keyboard (as you can see in the photo above.)

What do you think of the BlackBerry Orlando?

Source: N4BB


Apr 9, 2011
by Anonymous


I've been waiting forever for Blackberry to add a touchscreen to the Curve or Bold :) This will do!!!!!!