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Not Baking Soda, BACON SODA!

The bacon trend is still thriving!  Jones Soda, possibly the world's most successful clever soda company, is out with Bacon Soda for the Christmas season and the Christmas gift carton is now available.  But it's not just about the Bacon Soda...


Jones Soda Christmas Gift CartonJones Soda Christmas Gift Carton


The Christmas gift package, put together with bacon connoisseurs from J & D's, not only contains two bottles of Jones Bacon Soda, but J&D's new Bacon & Gravy mix...


J&D's Bacon & Gravy MixJ&D's Bacon & Gravy Mix


J&D's Bacon Popcorn...


J&D's Bacon PopJ&D's Bacon Pop


And for the romantic among you, there's the sexiest lip balm ever... J&D's Bacon Lip Balm.


J&D's Bacon (Lip) BalmJ&D's Bacon (Lip) Balm



Stock up now at Jones Soda or J&D's.