Not To Compete With Sinatra, Michael Jackson's 'Blue Eye' Portrait Unveiled (Video)

On the eve of the one year anniversary of his death, 11 never-before-published portraits of the late singer  will go up for auction in December by Auctioneers Pierre Berge & Associates. The rare 1999 photograph entitled 'Michael Jackson's Blue Eye,' was a portrait taken but dismissed for the King of Pop's studio album Invincible released in 2001.

The portrait depicts Jackson, who died on June 25 last year at the age of 50, with a sad expression on his face and a blue glittery ring around his eye, Daily Mail reported. With a USD bidding price starting at $1228, I would imagine this portrait eventually garnering millions.

This June 22 YouTube video, while covered by a Russian spokeswoman will provide you with some interesting visual variations of this portrait.

Parisian photographer Arno Bani claims Jackson contacted him when he was 23 years old, after seeing his fashion photography in a newspaper.

Amidst talk of how Michael was worth more to his handlers and managers dead than alive, recent figures show that sales of all MJ merchandise (from commemorative items such as tees, hats and stationery to CDs and DVDs) have reached $1 billion in the year that’s passed since his death. 

Frank "Old Blue Eyes" Sinatra & Michael JacksonFrank "Old Blue Eyes" Sinatra & Michael Jackson
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