Saying No To Abuse - 5 Powerful Ads Fighting For Animal Rights

Over the years, animal rights organizations have used some very interesting advertising to promote their message. Everything from bags to packaged people in parks. What do you think of these organization's advertising efforts?

1. Human Meat

During this protest from PETA, three people placed themselves in containers resembling supermarket meat trays, in attempt to compare eating meat to cannibalism.


Source: Ad Arena

2. Torture this Goose

This bag and magazine packaging from GAIA, an animal rights group in Brussels, uses the copy: Torture this goose, not the reall ones.

Source: Ad Hunt

3. Animals are not clowns

A Portuguese animal rights group, LPDA, ran a series of print ads with the message being "Animals are not clowns."

Source: Ads of the World

4. Real Life

This campaign for Bundesverband Tierschutz, a German animal rights group, makes a play on cartoons with copy that reads: “It would never happen in cartoons, but it often happens in real life. Each year at vacation time 30,000 house pets are helplessly abandoned or killed. Feeling bad about it alone does not help.”

Source: Brainstorm9

5. No Aquarium is Big Enough

Another German animal rights group, NOAH, ran this outdoor campaign: No Aquarium is Big Enough.

Source: Osocio

What do you think of these strong messages from animal rights groups around the globe?

Amy Gifford
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Jan 9, 2008
by Kate Carillo (not verified)

Animal Rights Advertisements

Interesting? Yes. Eye-catching? Certainly. Behavior-changing? No.

These are gimmicky, yet intriguing campaigns - but they aren't going to stop me from eating meat or visit an aquarium. While it's an undoubtedly a tough issue to push, for me these campaigns are just not strong enough. They could do to take a play out of Truth's advertising shtick...

Jan 18, 2008
by JDoors (not verified)

I think it shows how

I think it shows how self-absorbed and out of touch with Nature they really are. Equating food with human cannibalism? Yeah, they're EXACTLY the same thing. Equating the educational study and display of wildlife with children's entertainment? Not that zoos aren't entertaining, but they serve many important functions too. I'm somewhat sympathetic on equating the force-feeding of geese with torture (though if you're as out of touch with Nature as these people are, NO food production is pleasant to watch), and with reminding people that pets must be treated with more respect than cartoons (that's a no-brainer, though I bet they take the issue much further than those ads suggest).

Jan 18, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

It does work!

Almost 3 years ago I watched a video by PETA and I've been a vegetarian ever since. I was already considering it, struggling with the ethical and sociological responsibility. The fact that when people ask if I am a vegetarian for the health or ethical reasons shows that it is on the minds of most people and they know its not right. If anything I think these ads are too tame. If you can't face the killing of your food, you shouldent eat it.

Jul 9, 2008
by Anonymous

Where your food comes from:

"... If you can't face the killing of your food, you shouldent eat it."

Have you SEEN how produce winds up on your plate? Have you seen the back-of-house operations at a restaurant? Loading docks? Storage warehouses? Transport? It all involves insects, dirt, waste products, rot, mistakes, it's all disgusting if you're ignorant of the realities of food production.

You wouldn't be thrilled about eating anything at all using your standards.

There was a time when people knew food didn't magically appear in a refrigerated case on a pristine styrofoam tray covered in plastic wrap. Animals are slaughtered, you mix poop in the ground to grow things, insects are everywhere, food's not a sparkling clean Disney product (which has sometimes been produced by child labor, but that's another topic).

Aug 14, 2008
by Anonymous

Stop Fighting and acting childish...

I have to say i originally stopped eating meat for health reasons.. i dont have gull bladder and it hurts to eat meat... but when i saw some video's from peta... i was sooo glad i couldnt eat meat. now i understand that produce is disgusting.. but thats why yoo WASH it before yoo eat it... and the fact is... that when yoo are eating a once living thing... yoor eating the infection that it had before it was killed because it was mistreated ... its a fact that in every package of chicken there is droppings (poop) and most ppl i know do not wash they're cjicken before cooking it... and yoo would have to burn it to kill all those germs... just imagine killing yoor dog or cat... and i know yoo are going to say that is different... but they have the same instincts and feelings as a cow. pig. turkey. or chicken. they still feel fear... and sorrow... i live right next door to a beef farm and i will tell yoo hearing a mother cow SCREAMING for her calf is horrible... and in about 3 months that baby cow will be yoor veal... i know yoo have other eating habbits than us but please think before yoo speak... vegan's and vegetarian's alike have done research and they CHOOSE to eat a certain way... yea we may do protests and visuals.. but that because we care about animals... it doesnt mean we are out of touch with nature... as a matter of fact i grow most of my own food... and i use NO PART of animals ... i just think non veggies dont know what they are talking about... we make a choice everytime we eat to save lives... its our choice... no one elses... we cant force our beliefs on anyone... we can spread the word... but ultimately its an individual decision... and just so yoo know... im not saying this because people who eat meat upset me... i just think we need more peace and to treat our animals fairly and give them good lives... and only consume what we need... Peace... like me and my boyfriend... he eats TONS of meat and we get along just fine i dont preach at him or anything... i just dont cook for him unless he wants Tofu lol ^_^