A REAL Fish Story: Dutch Create The First Goldfish Hotel In The World

You've been boarding your dogs, cats, birds, and even snakes when you take a vacation; but now, if you're travel plans include Amsterdam, you can board your fish at the Goudvissen Hotel, the only hotel in the world exclusively for goldfish.


Goudvissen Hotel, exclusively for goldfishGoudvissen Hotel, exclusively for goldfish


The Goudvissen Hotel is not just a big goldfish bowl either.  Situated in the Schiphol Airport, the hotel has individual rooms, a swimming pool, and a tennis court, as well as plenty of lounge chairs, should your goldfish want to bask in the light of the florescent hotel bulbs.


Goudvissen Hotel, exclusively for goldfishGoudvissen Hotel, exclusively for goldfish


Some say the Goudvissen Hotel is just a wild promotional scheme by the Dutch travel agency D-reisen.  But a high bar for animal care has been set by the Dutch, and when it comes to transporting animals no-one beats KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines - for hospitality.  At its KLM Cargo Animal Hotel, 'all animals can eat, drink, exercise, and rest to break up a long journey." (If you're an animal lover, read the rest of the Hotel's description here.)

Back to the goldfish hotel, it has 80 permanent residents; however, your fish will be placed in a special area so they don't get mixed up with the other goldfish, and do not catch each other's diseases. And if one of your goldfishes dies while you are gone, you can choose another fish from among the permanent residents to take back home with you.

Here's a really cute commercial for the Goudvissen Hotel....



nrcHandelsblad, KLM, Gigazine.  Catering to all Japanese fish is Steve Levenstein.

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Jul 16, 2010
by Lady Bee
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You're right!

OMG!  I never heard of anything so horrific!   Thank you for sharing that information... (I think).  Oh my...