Not For Geeks: LaCie's Designer Fashions For Mobile Hard Drives

For anyone who's not following the styling of computer accessories and stand-alones, LaCie doesn't just issue any old tech gadget.  It's as much about the look as it is about the function for LaCie's high tech storage units and accessories.  With hot items from 5.5 Designers and industrial designer Sam Hecht, who can encase chips with the sleekest of personas, LaCie's new drive cases complement its hardware, providing all-business, but showing all-style. 

Sam Hecht, designer of LaCie's Little Disk, which is up for a  MacWorld's Editor's Choice Award as Best Consumer Storage unit, has been re-enlisted to design some 'second skins' for hard drives and DVDs made by LaCie and several other manufacturers.  (As usual, LaCie attempts to accommodate whatever is on the market.)


The LaCie Cover

The Covers are sweet and soft, providing just enough distance between your briefcase or purse and your hardware that it stays clean and unpoked by roving pens or other sharp paraphernalia.



The LaCie Cover has a nice soft pocket to separate your drive from cables and accessories.




The LaCie Coat

These chic little hard drive Coats offer bubble protection and reversible styles, the bubble side and the suede side. Red,black, gray, and orange... you're going to want one of each!




Yes, there is a place to tuck cables...




The LaCie Cozy

If you want rough and tough protection for your drive, the LaCie Cozy is for you.  The sturdy EPA case will protect your drives from the bumps and bruising we all take every day.  The inside pocket for your drive is made of neoprene foam to hug your drive and make it feel 'cozy.'  The Cozy offers two extra pockets for your cables and accessories.  In black, gray, and red.





Based on individual manufacturer's specifications of their hard drives, LaCie has created a Bag Compatibility chart.  LaCie's carrying cases come in two sizes - 2.5" and 3.5" - so you should find one to fit.  If you don't have a mobile hard drive, you might consider purchasing one of these cases to hold something else... they are so cool and fashionable (and very reasonably priced!)


LaCie, Industrial Facility,  MacWorld via ComputerWorld



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