Goats, Mermaids and Orgies - This Ain't Your Grandmother's Knitting

Settlement with the MonkiesSettlement with the Monkies

I remember the days when I used to sit and watch my Grandmother knit. Usually it was just a blanket or a sweater, but if I knew she could have created something like this, I might have paid more attention.

Ming Yi Sung is an artist that does not do the traditional type of crochet crafts. She was born in Taipei, Taiwan and moved to Chicago in the early 90's. She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art and was always interested in creating art. She was first a painter, then turned herself into a crochet sculptor.


She gives an artist statement on her website : "I have been exposed to different ways and using a variety of mediums to express my ideas. I kept my interests open to new mediums -- drawing, painting, clay modeling, papier-mache, fiber and assemblage. Finally, I found my voice in crocheting my sculptures. By combining all I have learned, I was able to create my own large-scaled assemblages ñ installations."

Billy GoatBilly Goat

Many of these are covered up with crocheted fig leaves to cover up their body parts. When showing the artwork at an exhibition a few years ago, the gallery was held in the same building as a law firm and the firm employees protested because they had to walk past it every day. She was told to remove the artwork and shortly after that they were covered up with the quickly crocheted fig leaves. You can view some of them without the fig leaves at her website .

Blue Billy GoatBlue Billy Goat

Girl and MonkiesGirl and Monkies


Mermaid DressMermaid Dress


Walking FishWalking Fish

Nevin Kelly 2Nevin Kelly 2

Nevin Kelly 1Nevin Kelly 1

Nevin Kelly 16Nevin Kelly 16

Nevin Kelly 15Nevin Kelly 15


I know many of you out there with crocheting skills can whip up something like this. Hmm, exotic Christmas present for the parents? I better dust off my crochet hooks and get started.

Many thanks to: Ming Yi Sung