Not Sea Worthy, But It Lights Up A Room: The Anemone


Ever handle Silly Putty? Remember how it slips and slides in your hands, changing its form as you move, kind of squishy-feeling? Well, here's a lamp that acts like Silly Putty, or more accurately, like an anemone, its namesake.


An anemone is a spineless sea animal, similar to the jelly fish. Malleable, it seems easily moved by forces outside itself, offering only the resistance to eventually return to its original state.

Cleverly designed to keep the light source away from the outer fabric, The Anemone can be touched and "played with," as its South African designer, Heath Nash, intended. Rather than creating a static lamp, Nash wanted The Anemone to be an interactive, as well as functional and adaptable, lamp.

Like the anemone, the geometric pattern of the Tyvek fabric makes a malleable covering for the lamp. A steel sphere covering the light bulb protects the Tyvek from the heat. The protective inner sphere also means you can place the lamp almost anywhere -- hang it up, or place it on the floor or a table -- without burning a surface. Just don't place it in water!

The Anemone is now available for pre-order in two sizes from Unica Home.