Not So Concealed Weapon Suitcases: For The Self-Destructive Traveler

How annoying is it every time you go through the airport and have to empty your luggage, take off your shoes and turn on all of your electronics (yes I know, safety first) while trying to rush your way to the departure gate of your upcoming flight? We comply because it's safe, and also primarily because we don't have a choice, but apparently there's travelers out there just waiting to get frisked and contained for suspected terrorism, because one designer created the not so concealed weapon suitcases.

For travelers with a death wish, there are the not so concealed weapon suitcases. No, they're not for real terrorists or people with weapons on board; they're just for the crazies who want people to THINK that they're packing heat, ready to complete a terrorist act upon an unsuspecting plane load of people. Or at least, make an ironic statement when going though security. The hard-shelled suitcases contain the shapes of concealed weapons, like handguns, daggers and axes, and they're available in a variety of colors, because who says someone with self-destructive tendencies doesn't have a sense of fashion?


Jul 20, 2009
by Anonymous

Now more Longer TSA Lines

If those suitcases get produced & sold & buyers use em, watch the TSA go Crazy sorting those from the Normal ( We want to get on with Life) travellers.

Bad scene.

GReat for a movie, TV prop, 007 use.

Or use elsewhere BUT airports worldwide esp Israel.

Youd never make the plane.

Cant wait to see the TSA comment on this suitcase alone.

I dont know of any Uses unless one wants to get Jailed alone for suspecting to carry weapons on planes.

Now whod buy this then?

Great for Conversation piece only at bars, pubs, home

BUT NOT for airports.

Jul 24, 2009
by Anonymous

good idea if

if you you are in a blacklist and want to make s statment