Not Your Granny's Chandelier: Bike Chain Lighting


Bicycle chains.  They don't exactly invoke images of lavish grandeur, but Mexican-Brazilian artist Carolina Fontoura has taken these unsung heroes and elevated them quite literally into lighting pieces worthy of the finest of dining rooms. 


Normally found full of grease and caught on the occasional pant leg, here we find the humble bicycle chain reinvented into none other than posh decor, inspired by old time Victorian chandeliers.  It's hard to believe that such a functional strand of pedestrian metal could come clean up in such an elegant and fluid way, but somehow Fontoura has managed just that, with shapes that utilize the chain's weight and heavy swing to capture the elegance and style of eras past. 

Aside from their striking first impression, these bicycle chandeliers - made completely of reclaimed bike parts - offer an interesting juxtaposition of high society and DIY culture, while also applying the most basic principles of recycling in an artfully ingenious way. 

You can find this creative lighting project on display at the artist's first solo show, Connect, at Upper Playground Mexico in Mexico CIty, running through August 1st.

Via Born Rich and Blog Mod Art

Jul 22, 2009
by Anonymous

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This is awesome!