10 Anti-Valentine Gifts That Speak Volumes About Love

Anti-Valentine Gift No.6: I Hate You Stamp Kit

Now don't give this kit away. You need the stamps to keep sending your loved one hate mail. Periodic letters with nothing but a stamped impression inside that says "screw you," or "shut up" or "Jerk!"... will warm the cockles of their black hearts. The I Hate You Stamp Kit is at Chronicle Books.




Anti-Valentine Gift No.7: It's So Involved Being Me Organizer

Author Anne Taintor knows the psyche of certain women... and so do you! You've got an Anit-Valentine who is this self-centered vamp who crushed your heart. So this organizer with be her hint, though she's not likely to get it....

It's So Involved Being Me Organizer at Amazon.com.





Anti-Valentine Gift No.8: The Lap Pillow

Oh, you miss me do you? Well, here's my lap. Have fun!

Described as "skin-coloured polyurethane calves folded under soft thighs, a comfy cushion for napping, reading, or watching television," which is all he is going to get from you! HimeyaShop.com.




Anti-Valentine Gift No.9: Anti-Valentine Glass Heart Magnets

Don't they look sweet? They are so pretty and colorful... colored glass, vintage-style paper backing, and a strong rare-earth magnet to place it where your lover can't forget. Wait! These say, "I guess," "whatever," "huh?", "no way," and "Eh?"

"Eh?" Not exactly what they want to hear. The Heart Magnets come five in a set, but feel free to split them up so you can give one to each of your Anti-Valentines. Etsy.




Anti-Valentine Gift No.10: One Pound Human Chocolate Heart

Who doesn't want a chocolate heart for Valentine's Day? But this one is not a heart-shaped box or even a heart-shaped chocolate... it is an anatomically correct human heart! "There now! You wanted it? Are you satisfied?"

One-pound solid milk chocolate heart at Amazon.com.



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The thongs cracked me up

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made me laugh a while! thx u guyz! :D