Nourish Is Your Personal, Intelligent Countertop Supplement System

If you're a fitness nut or somebody who just starting to work out and get in shape then you know that supplements and health shakes can give you the extra push you need. Most of us though just stick with the basic protein shake mixes found in local health stores. Our bodies need more than just traditional protein shakes, however, and Nourish wants to make sure you are supplied with the best supplement suggestions possible.


At its core, Nourish is a WiFi enabled, in-home supplement dispenser that will make you the perfect blend, when you need it. It does this by the use of "pods." There are 16 pods nestled within the Nourish dispenser that contain everything you need to maintain, and improve, your body. Within the pods are different powders: nutrient, vitamin, mineral, and herb. Each pod contains enough powder to last for about a month, and Nourish will alert you when one of the pods get low.

The pods within NourishThe pods within Nourish

How does it work? Nourish connects with multiple apps and fitness trackers to blend you the perfect concoction. Nourish dispenses the blend into a custom funnel, designed to sit flat, that you can then use to dispense your vitamins and minerals into a water bottle or blender bottle. Nourish can currently connect with fitness trackers and apps such as MyFitnessPal, Jawbone, Garmin, LoseIt, and the Apple Watch. Nourish will analyze your stats to blend you the perfect mixture, including morning blends that can be used to energize your day.

Nourish is currently being funded on IndieGoGo and is well on its way to being successfully funded. Make sure to check them out if you want to learn more about Nourish or to contribute to this project and help get it successfully funded.

Source: FitNatic