Novelty Bavarian Lederhosen With Yodeling Frankfurter Controls: Hurry!

What are Bavarian Remote Control Lederhosen anyway?

Lederhosen is a German word meaning “knee breeches made of leather.” In terms of technological advancement, this has been translated to signify a remote control pair of trousers that yodel! If you are scratching your head in wonderment, join the club. Yes, scientists have taken the time to create these Remote Control Lederhosen that hop about on command and with a little encouragement will also yodel a tune for all to sort of enjoy.

Bavarian Yodeling TrousersBavarian Yodeling Trousers


How do these Remote Control Lederhosen work?

Each 6-inch tall plastic pair of Bavarian Remote Control Lederhosen is activated by infrared remote control technology. Press the button on the 4” long, plastic knockwurst remote and stand back. (Covering your ears is optional.) The plastic pair of novelty trousers hops around and sings a merry yodel (Remove cats from the room as they may not understand and consider these novelty Remote Control Lederhosen as a new breed of mouse trying to invade their space.)

Yodeling LederhosenYodeling Lederhosen

What are some of the features of these novelty Remote Control Lederhosen?

The Bavarian Remote Control Lederhosen require two AAA batteries, which are not included in order to carry on their dancing/yodeling act. There’s no cover charge to watch these novelty trousers perform as long as you pay the initial charge of $19.49 for the pleasure of having these Bavarian Remote Control Lederhosen reside in your home (Up on a shelf, far out of reach. Remember the cats.) The remote is styled like a frankfurter sausage and it controls within 10 feet.

Who manufactures these silly Remote Control Lederhosen?

The people at Perpetual are responsible for these Remote Control Lederhosen. Their mantra is to entertain the inner child within us all. What can anyone say to that?

Well, I guess miraculous technological advances can also be silly as well as amazing.

Here’s to Remote Control Lederhosen.

Definitely silly.