Novelty Fashion For Geeky Mothers To Be: The “Loading...Please Wait” Maternity Shirt

Maternity clothing is slowly improving the more time goes on. No longer do mothers have to suffer through fashion mishaps while wearing shirts and dresses that pay them a resemblance to tents. Maternity clothing is becoming more fashion forward, but that's just not for everyone; what about those geeks out there who want to wear their personalities loud and proud throughout their pregnancies without having to disguise themselves as fashionable women?

Of course, there's a solution, and it comes from ThinkGeek who are always thinking about the bodies in which a geek might reside and require the geekiest and quirkiest clothing available. This novelty maternity shirt and is simple, and perfect for the technogeek in basic black. It pays tribute to any geeky mother's long-term love, while acknowledging the development that will soon take over the bulk of their affection.

Nov 6, 2009
by Anonymous

Hhahahahhaha. So impressed.

Hhahahahhaha. So impressed. I really want to have one.