Now Sea Here: Rolls-Royce Yacht Concept Is No Land Barge

My other yacht is a Rolls-Royce... wait, what? You read that correctly, Rolls-Royce is taking their spirit of ecstasy to watery realms where no wheeled vehicle has gone before. Dubbed the 450EX by designer Stefan Munro, the sleek 47-foot sea cruiser gets its looks from the iconic Rolls-Royce Phantom and its power from a unique hybrid system of water jet and surface drive.

Engineering doesn't take a back seat to style, especially at Rolls-Royce, and the 450EX doesn't disappoint in that category either. Munro has imbued the design with a monocoque chassis and suspended interiors featuring white leather seats trimmed with polished hardwoods.

Indeed, the six-seat stunner is no land barge... nor sea barge if truth be told. Munro formerly served an internship at the venerable luxury automaker and as such, had plenty of opportunities to eyeball Rolls-Royce's latest style and design directions.

When Munro subsequently studied Transport Design at Coventry University his Rolls-Royce connections served him well: not only did Rolls-Royce encourage him to pursue the idea of a nautical Roller, they provided him with design direction and assistance as the 450EX project gained steam.

Given that the 450EX prominently displays the Rolls-Royce nameplate and Spirit of Ecstacy logo, what are the chances Munro's 450EX concept yacht goes into production? Admittedly slim but demand from, er, high rollers could end up forcing RR's hand. (via ShortList and Yanko Design)