Now Ear This! The Elephant Earpick Cell Phone Charm

World's cutest coke-spoon?World's cutest coke-spoon?
In Japan, regularly cleaning your ears is an essential habit of personal hygiene, as important as brushing ones hair and teeth. Some maid cafes even offer ear cleaning as one of their featured services. Carrying a personal earpick is quite normal - much like we in the "enlightened" west stuff combs or nail clippers in our pockets or purses.

This particular earpick is made by Tokyo's cell phone strap & charm superpower Strapya World and comes in your choice of 6 color combinations: Ice Blue, Strawberry Heart, Melon Clover, Pure Pink, Mellow Yellow and my favorite: Killer Black. Though all 6 follow an elephant with extended trunk format, Killer Black gives the priapic pachyderm a devilish toothy sneer and baleful red eyes.

The "Elephone" for want of a better word, has an anti-bacterial coating and features a clear plastic cover that screws onto the base of the earpick trunk. An integral phone strap allows you to attach the charm to your cell phone, provided it's of the Japanese style that has a case grommet.

How to use the earpick? Well, not to be too graphic but you insert your fingertip into Jumbo/Dumbo's posterior and pick away to your heart's content. It's probably better - at least, safer - to let a trusted friend do the fingering... some things are true whatever the culture, if you catch my drift. Anyway, to quote Strapya's ad copy, "As both an unique phone strap & a convenient super tool, this makes sense big time!!" 

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Steve Levenstein

Aug 18, 2008
by Anonymous

Not in the USA

Wouldn't be allowed in. Ask any ENT and they will tell you they even hate Q-tips. Like they say, never put anything but your elbow in your ear. The FDA would put the kibosh on this.

Aug 18, 2008
by Anonymous

ah, c'mon

get a sense of humor, will ya'?

Aug 18, 2008
by Anonymous

Gotta love the Japanese!

Everything I love seems to come from Japan . . . but haven't found a Japanese man yet.