Now Rover Can Play While You're Away

We all have dogs that need attention and playtime more than we have time to share. It is unfair to them, and in many ways unhealthy as well. Most dogs can remain healthy, physically and psychologically, if they are allowed to exercise everyday and allowed to run about and play. This is in addition to the daily walks that they must have to facilitate better gastrointestinal health. However, the problem arises when we humans are out all day, we don't have the time nor the energy to go play fetch with Rover. Well the Hamill Family of Austin, Texas decided to do something about it. They created iFetch. And what a brilliant creation it is too.

The iFetch is meant to be operated by your dog, without human intervention, so your puppy can play with it even when you're not at home. The iFetch is battery operated and does not need to be plugged into a wall outlet. As the name suggests it's a device that launches a miniature ball into the air and travels between 10 and 30 feet. All your dog has to do is place the ball in the receptacle at the back of the device and the iFetch will launch it. Just remember to place it in your home without any obstacles in its way. Once the ball launches and the dog runs to catch it, he gets the fun and exercise he needs. The dog then brings the ball back and puts in the iFetch again to keep playing.

Just remember to keep sufficient water in your dog's bowl as he is going to tire out. It's an amazing invention and you can get more information at The designers put some really meticulous thinking and hard work into the design and construction of the iFetch. They made sure that it was battery operated and that the unit activates only when a ball is placed in it - so it's not on all the time. They have also made the throw distance adjustable and the design of the unit is very pleasant and unassuming.