The nu m8 Keeps Close Tabs on Your Kids

Taking a small child out in busy public areas can be terrifying at times.  Things can happen in the blink of an eye and losing track of your child for even a moment or two can be very stressful for the parent and the child.  There is a new child’s watch on the market that can help take some of the worry out of these precarious situations.  The nu m8 has a GPS tracker built into it and can be tracked from a cell phone or computer.

If you are wondering about the possibility of the child removing the device, the nu m8 alerts parents over the phone or email when the device is taken off or deactivated and gives the location of where this happens.  The device can also be set to warn parents if the child steps outside of a designated region.

Of course, nothing can completely remove danger from the equation, but this device may give parents and kids a little more composure and freedom in hectic situations. (See nu M8)



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