Nudge Nudge Link Link - Get Your Emails When You Need Them

Overflowing inboxes are a pretty common phenomenon these days. We're all being sent emails that are of some interest to us, just not right now. So we leave them - maybe flag them or mark them as unread - and then they slowly sink to the middle of the inbox as we focus on the ones at the top. A few months later, the more fastidious among us may get around to deleting them, now they're no longer relevant.

Well, now there's a workaround. NudgeMail is new software - currently in its beta phase - that allows you to use your inbox more like a calendar. All you need to do is to send an email via, and you'll receive that email whenever you want it. No software required, no list to join, nothing to sign up to - just go and send yourself an email.

For instance, you could send an email to, and that will arrive tomorrow. Or maybe, and - you guessed it - you'll get it on Monday at 10:30pm. Or you could send your email to, and put the time in the subject line. Your call. There are over 100 different types of commands you can use, and then you can combine several of them, to give you a huge array of possible permutations.

And it's free. At least while it's in the beta stage. Then there will be a free option, and a priced option. And, of course, an individually branded option for companies.

So, if you're not quite ready to read this, just email the link to, and you can look at it when you're ready!

Here's NudgeMail inventor and founder, Jeremy Toeman, explaining how to make the most of what he calls 'productive procrastination':