NuKME Wearable Blankets Keep You Warm, Invite Atomic Attack

A foreign invader has landed on Japan's shores, prompting citizens everywhere to cry out "NuKME!" No, this is not a repeat from 1945, it's just a polyester Snuggie wannabe with a most unfortunate name.

NuKME... it might seem to be a marketer's nightmare destined to join Pee Cola and Ayds diet candies in the advertising hall of shame, but for the fact that NuKME actually does refer to both blankets and sleeves in Japanese... sort of in the same way "Snuggie" means something kinda snuggly.


OK, once you get past the comic atomic name, the NuKME comes across as just another Snuggie style wearable blanket. It's worn hospital gown style, closing in the back - be sure to wear your skivvies underneath.

NuKME wearable blankets come in 10 different colors with contrasting trim and are made from 100% polyester. Sorry, no animal prints... yet. One size fits all - all adults at least, male or female.

The NuKME is 180 cm (72" or 6 feet) long (which allows those under that height to clean their floors without the use of a broom) and when folded a certain way, it becomes a comfy, cozy pillow.

According to Rakuten, the NuKME was a huge hit when it was introduced last year with 180,000 sold between September 2009 and March of 2010. Already some colors are sold out and others are in short supply. You can try ordering (or back-ordering, as the case may be) from Rakuten's English language website - a NuKME costs 2,980 yen (about $36.50) including tax.