This Summer's Number One Poop Throwing Game



With the warmer weather almost upon us, I can hardly help but be reminded of the lost innocence of childhood and summers past, when long into the evenings, the trees surrounding our happy home full with the raucous laughter of cicadas, my parents and I would challenge each other to a thrilling game of Doody Head.

Mom would throw a turd at dad, he’d catch it on his head laughing, and we were off, dad running after us wearing a weird hat with a poo stuck to it, a couple of poos in each hand and a wild grin across his face. Ah, the fun we had.

And now, just as I once did, you too can experience those heady days of summer, thanks to the new Doody Head Poo Flinging Game, an exciting game of throwing poop at each other that’s fun for all the family.

But my, how times have changed. When I was a boy we used real poo.

You’ll be getting two Velcro hats and three piles of fake doody. The fake doodies in the basic model don’t smell like real poo. If you want that option, and personally I think you’ll find it well worth the additional cost, you’ll need to spring for the Deluxe version.

So there you go. Order your Doody Head game today. We’ve got you covered.

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