NuMetrex Fitness Bra Measures Your Heart Rate


Here's a pretty solid idea: instead of using an uncomfortable, single-purpose heart rate monitor, integrate the monitor into a multi-functional piece of clothing that you'd wear anyway. That's what NuMetrex did with its heart rate monitor bra, which has been around for a couple of years. The ladies need to support...the ladies...while exercising, so a sports bra is already a requisite piece of clothing. Integrate a heart rate monitor into the bra and you'll measure your fitness without needing a separate piece of equipment.

NuMetrex Marketing Director Meg Burich explains: “It’s a comfortable way to wear a heart rate monitor, because we knit flexible heart sensing fibers directly into the fabric of the garment. There’s no hard plastic belt to strap around your chest.”

Heart-sensing fibers sure sound better than the alternative. The fibers pick up the heart rate and transmit the data to a fitness watch through a transmitter unit.

Unless there's a set of serious moobs involved, men will probably not have much use for a heart-sensing bra, but NuMetrex also offers a skin-tight shirt for the lads. I'm not sure if exercising in a tight, shiny, no-sleeve shirt will be any more comfortable than a traditional heart rate strap, but it's another alternative.

The NuMetrex bra package starts out at $99 and the shirt begins at $109. 

Via Coolest Gadgets and NuMetrex 

May 4, 2011
by dinni

It's pretty much the same

It's pretty much the same thing, I don't see the advantage of buying a bra that measures your heart rate when you can have a light easy to wear device for that. I own a device like that for few months, I use it for my exercise. When I started my doctor also allowed me to buy steroids to boost my results. My heart rates are normal under the circumstances, I find this encouraging for my workout.