Nuts For Google - Google Adds Business Photos To Street View

It's no news that today's technology industry is moving fast. One innovation may put you in the limelight, but if you don't follow it up quickly, you'll soon find yourself stumbling in the shadows. So it's always fascinating to watch how the behemoths stay in the game: companies like Microsoft, Apple, Intel, HP and Google.

But especially Google. The others all had a big head start in the personal computing game, and are each producing something tangible. Google has built a $60 billion empire around a search engine! And they've done this largely because of their ability to constantly innovate. Just go up to the top right corner of this page and do an InventorSpot search on Google, and you'll see hundreds of articles we have written about their innovations.

They don't just stay in the game, in many senses they own it.

Which leads to the point of this piece. You guessed it: they've done it again.

This time they're taking Street View one step further. Now they're stepping inside. Not content with bazillions of images of streets from Timbuktu (seriously - try it!) to Kalamazoo, Google are now going to take you into various businesses, with Google Business Photos.

And we're not talking just one pic per store - the example above includes no less than a dozen photos of Oh! Nuts. Nor are we talking an exorbidant fee for the privilege of having a professional photographer come and promote your business to billions. No. Actually, it's free.

All your business has to do is apply, and they'll be around soon enough.

But there is a bit of a catch, if you could call it that. Being in its infancy, Google Business Photos isn't yet able to photograph every shop from Timbuktu to Kalamazoo, so they're limiting their reach a little. For now, your business needs to be in one of five major urban areas in the USA, one of the seven major Australian cities, one of seven cities in New Zealand, in one of nine major Japanese localities, or Seoul, London or Paris.

But once they've covered those 80 million or so people, rest assured, they'll be heading your way.

Here's their ad, just in case you needed convincing: