Nuvifone Puts Garmin into the Cell Phone Market

Garmin is one of the top 3 portable GPS manufacturers in the world (TomTom and Magellan are the other two), and they now want to take-on the cell phone market with their new Garmin Nuvifone. Garmin hopes the Nuvifone will help catapult them into the hugely popular smart phone market in 2008.
Garmin NuvifoneGarmin Nuvifone

The Garmin Nuvifone uses Garmin's own operating system, and the it will of course feature full GPS capabilities including pedestrian or automobile modes and Google local search. This smart phone will also feature a built-in camera that will not only take pictures but also record video. It will also help you stay connected with email, text messaging, and IM functions.

There's no pricing or carrier information yet, but Gizmodo has a nice gallery of images of the Garmin Nuvifone - I'll show you some of the better ones. Garmin says that the Nuvifone is scheduled to hit stores sometime in the Fall of this year.

GPS screen on the NuvifoneGPS screen on the Nuvifone
Touch-screen dial-padTouch-screen dial-pad
Photo taken with the Garmin NuvifonePhoto taken with the Garmin Nuvifone

Source: Gizmodo

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