Obama Action Figure Bends, Poses, Governs, Shoots

Want to bend President Obama to your will? Yes we can! This new, sharply detailed Barack Obama action figure from Japan's Gamu-Toys comes with a batch of presidential accessories - weapons not included.

Gamu-Toys is a Japanese manufacturer of action figures and accessories who have previously focused on anime and manga characters. Now they've made a change we can believe in - by producing an incredibly lifelike - though not life size - Barack Obama action figure!

The figurine's head is precisely molded to resemble the 44th president, down to the mole on the left side of his nose. It seems like you can order your figurine with your choice of a Normal or Speech type head, but either way you get an interesting group of accessories with which to make your Obama figurine as presidential as possible - and then some!

All accessories appear to be high-quality; the flagpole and stool are made of wood and the flagstand is of metal. Also included are two neckties (red and blue), a wristwatch, an American flag, a microphone and three pairs of interchangeable hands (open, clenched fists and with pointed index fingers). He even wears a wedding ring, so not to worry any future First Lady figurines.

The Obama figurine comes with removable clothing (easy, gals) and he even sports a miniature American flag pin on his suit's lapel. Neat, huh? 

Gamu-Toys has seen fit to showcase the Obama action figure in action. The expected poses: sitting on the stool speechifying or acting casual holding his suit over one shoulder are impressive enough, but then it gets weird...

See Obama flash his War Face as he grasps the flag in both hands! Watch him wield a pistol, an Uzi and... a samurai sword?? Cheer him on as he takes on ultimate evildoer Darth Vader in a duel of lightsabers! Whew... and yet, the power of Obamamania makes it all seem so right. (via Tokyomango, images via Gamu-Toys)

UPDATE: Obama action figures are now available at Rinkya Stores! It is still not available in the U.S, but Safari has made it's own presidential toy set.

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Jan 26, 2009
by Anonymous

Where can I buy these!

OK, where can I buy these, I need them now!

Jan 26, 2009
by Anonymous

I think I just died a little

I think I just died a little inside...