Obama Booked Face Time With Facebook

In a first-time-ever town hall meeting at Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and his team were given the honor of a visit by the leader of the free world. Yes, the number one social network in the land met with America's top dog, allowing Zuckerberg's staff the opportunity to field questions and solicit answers in a forum setting.

This is the second visit to the Silicon Valley by the President in less than 2 months time. On February 17, Obama actually broke bread with Internet kingpins, the likes of Steve Jobs, Google's Eric Schmidt and Zuckerberg to discuss tech innovation and potential job creation (see previous post titled, "Social Media Summit When Obama Hit Silicon Valley to Poke Zuckerberg")

This time around, "jackets were off" after Zuckeberg (no stranger to mop sweats) admitted he was nervous to be hosting the President of the United States in his offices.

At this momentous occasion, Obama discussed the state of the union, including his goal of reducing the debt by 4 trillion dollars over the course of the next ten years. "It's doable. . . if we do it in a balanced way," said the president. He then went on to address user-generated questions collected via Facebook pertaining to the housing crisis, clean energy research, immigration policy, Medicare and education reform.

At the end of the meeting, Obama congratulated Zuckerberg for doing an outstanding job in hiring top-notch developers and engineers, and said, that if the the rest of the country was to "put the same energy and imagination (as those in audience put into) Facebook. . . there's nothing we can't solve."

At the end of the session, Zuckerberg who was uncharacteristically dressed in a suit and tie presented Obama with a parting gift he is more accustomed to wearing - his uniform - his now infamous Facebook hoodie (see more in previous post, "Social Media Is Not About Sweating The Small Stuff, Mr. Zuckerberg!")

Mark Zuckerg's infamous hoodie!Mark Zuckerg's infamous hoodie!
In the graphic novel, "Facebucks & Dumb F*cks," Zuckerberg (aka Z-Man) is satirized as a Machiavellian character whose sole goal in life is to the rule the world. Perhaps, in the not so distant future, the founder of Facebook will be holding his own town hall meetings when Facebook achieves Internet dominance over the entire planet.

When Facebook Rules The World!When Facebook Rules The World!