Obama Flip-Flops are This Summer's Scandalous Sandals

You don't have to be Mitt Romney or Fox News to like Obama Flip-Flops but you DO have to buy a pair of these beach sandals if you really want to step up the election year rhetoric.

Bold text and graphics in black, white, red & green stand out while you put your foot down. Since actually putting your foot down blocks the snazzy graphics, a little white Obama head on each black supporting strap serves to reinforce the message while you walk the walk and talk the talk with the grass roots.

Just what IS the message? Even the manufacturer doesn't seem to know, as the text on the flip-flops' inner soles states that (or asks if) Obama is “The Savior Of The World Economy?” The ambiguity imparted by the question mark shifts the sandals firmly into the political center and leaves the topic open to debate by both sides.

One might also wonder if the act of wearing Obama Flip-Flops is in itself disrespectful, an unspoken criticism of the 44th President of the United States. There'd be no doubt if we were talking about Saddam Hussein Flip-Flops being sold and worn on the mean streets of downtown Baghdad... and if the manufacturer's reading this, I call dibs. As for the thought of similarly styled Mao Zedong Flip-Flops... let's just not go there, mmkay?

So, looking to stomp the yard with your own Obama Flip-Flops? Like the idea of Boss Barack kissing your feet with every step? Are you Michelle Obama in a really bad mood? Get online and visit Louyanjian's store on Taobao, and prepare to put down 41 yuan (about $6.50) worth of change you can believe in.

Jun 27, 2012
by Anonymous

Whatever makes money! I hope

Whatever makes money! I hope they sell Romney versions too.

Jun 29, 2012
by Anonymous

Money money money!!

Money money money!!