Obama Nightclub: Presidential Hotspot Internationally

Obama might not be the most popular in the United States or online with some individuals right now who China's Obama NightclubChina's Obama Nightclubare supporting an inappropriate Facebook campaign, but he's well-loved overseas. So much so that there are businesses being created in his honor.

He might not be entirely popular on home turf, but internationally, like in China, President Barak Obama is worshipped. In a unique marketing move, one Chinese nightclub that's opening this month will be based on Barak Obama. It's no coincidence, although we have seen businesses that have incidentally had the same name; however, whether they're just using his name or if the nightclub will have a complete presidential theme has yet to be revealed.

Perhaps on Obama's next trip to China he'll grace the club with his presence and sip on a cocktail produced in his honor and name!

Via: TrendHunter

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