Obama To Make Left-Turns All Day?

Instead of designing a signature shoe or his very own hockey goalie pads, Barrack Obama might be making left-turns around the competition.

The Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign is in talks with Nascar about a sponsorship deal. Sport’s Illustrated has noted that Obama’s campaign is considering sponsoring a BAM Racing car at the Pocono Race this August in Pennsylvania. However, BAM Racing is a small team that barely gets noticed in the sport and still hasn’t qualified for the race.

So what will Obama do?

Despite all the rumours swirling around, Obama will reportedly turn down the offer. This could be because since BAM Racing isn’t a well-known name, losing the race could hurt the candidate’s presidential run.

Do you think presidential campaigns and sports is a good combination? Former presidential nominee John Kerry was a jock himself and his sports-crazed lifestyle during the 2004 campaign paid off. But can athletic activities help the 2008 political parties gain support?

Jul 14, 2008
by Anonymous

How do you sponsor a race

How do you sponsor a race car anyway?