Obliterate Mistakes & Desktop Dreariness With Kikkerland Erasers!

The Kikkerland Design Crew has reinvented the traditional rubber eraser in multiple innovative and fun ways to brighten up your office space- Who wouldn’t adopt an office rhinoceros?

Kikkerland has been creating hefty, colorful and precisely detailed desktop erasers for years, and I’m more than happy to share their backlog of revolutionary rubber graphite mistake resolvers with you all:


Endangered Species Erasers



I proudly display the Rhino and Gorilla erasers on two desks in my office and I’m thrilled to see Kikkerland expand upon the series with the new Bull and T Rex characters. The cherry on top of these incredibly cool office decorations is that two percent of each sale is donated to the Center for Biological Diversity to assist endangered species. You know that your office needs a blue Polar Bear!


Fire Hydrant Erasers


Since the Fire Hydrant erasers come in a patriotically-hued trio, I wouldn’t feel as badly about actually using them to wash away my mistakes.


Fossil Erasers


You’ll have to do some work/excavating to uncover the white dinosaur skull “buried” underneath the rubbery top layer of this original eraser. (Dinosaurs rock!)


Mustache Erasers


I don’t know if these mustaches are based off of the videogame plumber or the “chips in a tube” guy, but you and a friend can pretend to be both with this two-pack.


Peanut Erasers


Are pencil-based errors driving you nutty? Take a peanut eraser to them! (Note that each pack contains 4 peanuts, and I have no idea why there are five pictured)


Racer Erasers


Remember those cool “pull-back-and-watch-them-speed-off” toy cars? Here’s a pair of erasers that will zoom across your desk just as easily. Just save them for break time, ok?


Which of Kikkerland’s erasers are your favorites? Do you have any of them? Do you have a cool idea for a new style of eraser? Share your brainstorms in the comments below!

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