Obvious And Industrious Business Idea: Hungry Pod Loads Your iPod

Sometimes business concepts couldn't be any simpler. It's all about coming up with a time consuming activity that people need to do, but would rather not, and then doing it for them at a price. Since iPods are all the rage lately, this year's most obvious and industrious business relates to this trendy gadget.

Hungry Pod gets iPod listeners to the end result, without any sweat off their back. Instead of hours spent loading music to your iPod, when really all you really want to do is spend your time listening to it; you can hire a company like Hungry Pod to do it for you. It may be a task you might find annoying, but for the right price, they'll cope.

Trust Hungry Pod with your CDs and your precious iPod, and you can have all of your music uploaded and returned to you within days. They will also convert any incompatible file types, where possible, so that iPod listeners don't need to be technically inclined at all!  Hungry Pod charges $1.75 per CD to upload between 0 and 100 CDs full of iPod ready music.

This business idea is so simple, and such an obvious success, doesn't it make you go; why didn't I think of that?