Ocean Empire LSV Super Yacht: Green Three Times Over

As can be seen by many of my previous posts, going green is sometimes less about eco-consciousness and more about trendsetting and high price tags.  A staple of any millionaire has always been the yacht; however, British designer Richard Sauter of Sauter Zero Carbon Design aims to do the poor rich guys one better - a solar-powered super yacht.  The Ocean Empire LSV (life support vessel) is a Superyacht Catamaran that intends to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 50 percent.

Sauter Zero Carbon Design Presents the Ocean Empire LSV SuperyachtSauter Zero Carbon Design Presents the Ocean Empire LSV Superyacht

According to designer Richard Sauter, "The Ocean Empire LSV leads the way in freeing the superyacht community from its strict dependence on unsustainable resources by being the first to harness the renewable collective resources ever present in the earth's biosphere."

Sauter is more commonly known for his hybrid yacht concepts designed to reduce the massive carbon footprint produced by traditional gas guzzling superyachts.  Sauter's latest concept is no traditional hybrid; rather, the Ocean Empire LSV is a trifecta of green power sourcing.  This seafaring lady uses solar, wind, and waves for power.  The 44m hybrid superyacht mainly relies on energy from the sun for power via a 400 square-meter, 70kw Solar Array that illuminates two hydroponic farms.  The secondary energy source is wind power.  An auxiliary, 80 square-meter, 200kw, automated SkySail uses wind power to drive the Ocean Empire to her top speed, 18+ knots, as well as charges her GM ESS2 battery system.  Finally, the tertiary power source comes from the waves themselves.  You've heard the saying, "It's not the size of the boat that's important; it's the motion of the ocean."  Well in the case of the Ocean Empire, both are achieved.  Energy from the waves is captured by Motion Damping Regeneration (MDR), similar to that used in skyscrapers to reduce swaying.  For the Ocean Empire, however, 16 tons of batteries are the mass while the linear generators produce up to 50kws of electricity to reduce the motion of the Ocean (Empire).

Ocean Empire LSV: Floor PlansOcean Empire LSV: Floor Plans

As a superyacht catamaran, the Ocean Empire LSV optimizes the most dynamic form of ocean going platform.  Its Daimler Turbo Compound BlueTec engine is said to be the most advanced EPA diesel ever built and the Sunpower solar powers, the most efficient yet.

The yacht can accommodate 10 guests, 7 crew members, and 1 compensating-for-something captain.

Ocean Empire LSV Super Yacht: wind, solar, and wave powerOcean Empire LSV Super Yacht: wind, solar, and wave power

Sources: Sauter Design and Bornrich.org


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