The Oco HD Camera Is Your $100 WiFi Security Camera

Let's be honest, there are quite a few security cameras on the market. With the ongoing trend towards a "smarter" home, we are seeing more and more tech integrated into daily life. Security cameras are no exception. The Oco HD Monitoring Camera is one such option available to consumers. With such a competitive market, will the Oco HD be able to stand out from the competition.

The monitoring camera is equipped with a 120 degree, wide-angle lens, meaning that one camera will be able to display a relatively large field of view. It also streams the video feed to devices in 720p and has an infrared night vision mode.

One interesting feature of the Oco HD is that it boasts a 2-way speaker system which at the push of a button within the app allows you to communicate with those near the camera. Need to remind the family to put the roast in the oven? Simply use the push-to-talk feature and discuss it with them directly through the camera. Even better, want to seriously mess with your pets? Well, I think you get the idea.

To touch more on the app, it is available on iOS, Android, and Microsoft devices, as well as within your browser.  The app allows you to view a live stream of your camera, or cameras, and is available anywhere you can get an internet connection. There are also push-notifications you can set up to alert you when movement (or sound) has been detected in the house.

If you need to access old footage, Oco archives the footage in "the Cloud" with one of their premium services, which starts at $3.99, per month. There are additional plans available that offer more storage, which could be used for a small business owner.

The Oco HD is available on Amazon and it definitely has an uphill battle being the new guy in an already saturated market, but with its clean design, HD streaming,  walkie-talkie features, it is definitely heading in the right direction. They are also working on a facial detection system which will do nothing but help propel the Oco HD through the sea of similar devices.

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