ODA's ROOM: Modern Modular Furniture

The ROOM,  designed by New York-based design firm Office for Design & Architecture, or ODA, was originally designed for a teenager's loft-like living space.  What eventually resulted was an adjustable modular system that could be retrofitted for small or larger-sized bedroom spaces.  

Consisting of three elements - the Pod, Media Station and Satellite - ROOM provides a simple and utilitarian customized solution for rooms of all sizes.  


Though the term 'cozy' doesn't exactly spring to mind when gazing at this system, ROOM does seem to afford an element of intimacy akin to the childhood activity of fort-building.  WIth its covered bed and moveable elements, one could very well seal themselves up in this space and wile away the days eating Cheetos and playing PSP.  

If the color scheme is throwing you, never fear, that too can be changed to meet your fancy, giving the stark and sharp-edged modules a sleeker or perhaps warmer feel via the use of new tones or material choice.  




For an adult this could certainly begin to feel like living in LEGO-land, but as a kid I'd imagine this modern modular furniture would be the quintessence of cool. 

To order your own customized ROOM, contact the good folks at ODA with your inquiry.  

ODA  via  MoCo Loco

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