Oddfellows: Three Inches of Genius

Everyone needs inspiration at one time or another.  As a writer I find my inspiration in many forms, from experiences to pictures to... action figures.

Yep.  There ya go.  I said it.  I have tons of little Star Wars figures everywhere.  For some reason the R2 units inspire me quite a bit...

With this in mind, I introduce all inventors the following:

The Oddfellows: The Scientists CollectionThe Oddfellows: The Scientists Collection

Why they're called Oddfellows I have no idea.  But I like 'em!

Included in The Scientists Collection are:
Marie Curie (Radiology--dem bones, dem bones!)
Albert Einstein (Do I really have to say what he came up with?)
Isaac Newton
(Mechanics--I fall down a lot; at least I know why.)
Charles Darwin (Again... do I have to?)
Nikola Tesla (He's electric!  Boogie-woogie-woogie!)

Though they are only 3 inches tall and have no moving parts they are sure to inspire any creative soul out there.  Think about it.  They created inventions that have changed society!  How better to be celebrated than in the form of a tiny little figure?  Okay... maybe official holidays would be better, but still...  Biographical notes are included with the figures, along with original artwork.

For those writers like me out there, they also make a Writer's Collection:

This set includes a few authors that are near to my heart:
William Shakespeare (Oh, money!  Oh, money!  Where for art thou, money?)  That's me speaking.
James Joyce (I'm still confused) That's me again...
Mark Twain (I loved his cameo in Star Trek) Yeah... again... that's me.
Virginia Woolf (Empowering... yes... no... wait... boring) I understand the importance of her works, but...  throw in a vampire or an alien invasion... anything to make it remotely engaging...  Any feminist wanting to slam me, feel free.  Just realize that I understand the importance of her writing--but that doesn't make it exciting.Oddfellows: Three Inches of Genius | InventorSpot
Edgar Allen Poe (Yay!  Even if he possibly died by being rolled in an alley after a voting scandal, his stuff rocks!)  Um... yeah.  Me.

So... If you're looking for a little inspiration in a tiny package, go to Amazon or  Fat Brain Toys and get your own Oddfellows!
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Sep 21, 2009
by Anonymous

mixed up names lol

Einstein and Darwin's names are under each others characters in that scientists package =p