Gag Gadgets: The OMG - Condom! - Paperclips

Co-workers are always asking to borrow things. Inevitably, the person sitting next to me in any meeting will ask me for something; it could be a pen, it could be an aspirin. At those times, I'd like to reach into my pocket and tear off one of these packages of Condom Paperclips and nonchalantly hand one to him over my shoulder.

"What? Oh my god! What are you giving me?" he would yell, calling much attention to himself.

"Huh? I'd ask, innocently and puzzled. "I thought you asked me for a paperclip?

You can design your own scenarios; there are endless possibilities.

Like you just meet with a chick you want to ditch fast. You pay the tab at the coffee bar and "accidentally" let the Condom Paperclips fall out of your wallet, making sure she sees them fall, and then say, "Oh sorry. Don't worry. I always carry these around. You never know when you'll need them right away."

Then you can give her a big wink as if you're proposing to use them.

Of course, you don't want her to read the package, but if she does, you can always tell her that paperclips are very effective contraceptives.

Ladies, you can figure out your own lines.

In the meantime, let me tell you where to get the Condom Paperclips:, $6.00 buys you three packets with four paperclips each.


via Nerd Approved

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