Office Kit: Helping Employees Use Fake Parenthood As An Excuse For Missing Work

We've all had days where hauling our butts out of bed, into the freezing cold to sit in traffic just doesn't feel like a desirable options. But, eventually office workers run out of excuses that they can use when they don't feel like they want to come in. Those with kids automatically have a foolproof escape plan, which is why one company has created a product that allows even the childless to cry "sick child" when they want to stay home.

Kid in a Kit from Office KitKid in a Kit from Office Kit

Kid in a Kit from Office Kit gives employees everything they need to make their superiors at the office think that they've got a child at home that's like a ticking time bomb; ready to fall ill at any moment.

Kid in a Kit comes with a framed photo, original crayoned artwork, and a list of seemingly authentic excuses that parents might have to take them away from the office. Of course, to actually pull the wool over the eyes of employers, individuals can choose to receive kits with children's information based on race and age that way no one has questions about the authenticity of the child!

For an extra few bucks on top of the $19.95 starter kit cost, Office Kit will also send pictures of the alleged parent coaching the kid's sports team, a doctor's note, or added artwork (parents know that most kids are creative machines!).  Just think, with this type of kit, there are a whole new host of excuses, "my car broke down", "my father is in the hospital" and "I think I have a 24 hour bug" can all be retired.

Use Office Kit's services to order Kid in a Kit for yourself, or buy it for a lazy employee in your life this holiday season. Just be prepared, that along with this gift might come a notice of termination.

Via: Springwise