Office Paper Recycling Machine Turns Trash Into Toilet Paper

What's an eco-friendly way to recycle used office paper and botched photocopies? Here we might mulch it to be used in farming. In Japan they're turning it into toilet paper.  

Paperless office? That's what the computer was supposed to usher in but as any office worker knows, it just hasn't happened. Memos, reports, handouts and photocopies just keep coming and coming, much like Publisher's Clearing House Day at the post office. It's enough to make anyone go postal... but now Japan's Nakabayashi Co. has come up with a brilliant solution: recycle the scrap paper into crap paper!


Toilet paper, that is. White gold, Texas TP - Okay, forgive me for waxing Beverly Hillbilly-ish but the concept behind (sorry) Nakabayashi's office paper recycling machine inspires one to sing its praises.

As for the execution, well, that leaves a little to be desired. For instance, to get a measly 2 rolls of recycled toilet paper (every 2 hours, yet) one must feed about 1,800 standard used A4-size sheets into the machine's hungry maw. That's almost 16 pounds of paper... I don't know about you, but at our house the rolls don't weigh 8 pounds each. Too bad, they'd last a lot longer.

Another weighty consideration is the size of the machine itself; 600kg or 1,320 pounds! No surprise then that Nakabayashi has stickered this behemoth at a cool $95,000 each. Their sales expectations are realistic at least - 60 in 2009 is the target. Good luck with that, guys, this recession should be over any minute now. In the meantime, how'd you like to be the middle manager who goes over budget on one of these bad boys?

Now I don't mean to be overly critical of Nakabayashi's engineers. They've created something very special and unique, if not exactly practical for the home office or small business.

Recall that the same criticisms were applied to the hulking ENIAC and UNIVAC computers of the 1940s, and look at where that technology is today. One can imagine a time in the future where we'll all carry iPhone sized paper recycling machines on our persons...

Reading the newspaper while answering Nature's call? After finishing the business section, finish your rest stop by looking after business... actually, just like the way things were in the days of outhouses. (via TechChee and Crunchgear)

EDITOR'S NOTE: If this is a bit much for your home use, you can alway turn your trash paper to fire bricks for your fireplace with a Paper Log Maker.