Official Tooth Fairy Kit: Something to Sink Your Teef Into

As someone who taught technology to 600 elementary children on a weekly basis, I've seen my fair share of toothless kids! Kids are oh so proud when those teef wiggled and jiggled back-and-forth and to-and-fro! Although most were filled with anticipation from a visit by the Tooth Fairy, many were concerned the tooth would get lost and the visit would never happen. This kit sure would have come in handy!

Official Tooth Fairy KitOfficial Tooth Fairy Kit

The Official Tooth Fairy Kit is a wonderful idea! Now, you and the kiddies can keep an official record of those teeth with the Certificate of Record. Here's how it works. Just place the tooth inside the small envelope and fill out the appropriate information - the age of the child, how the tooth fell out, etc. After all, the Tooth Fairy is a successful woman and is pretty diligent when it comes to record-keeping. Then place the envelope in the cotton deposit bag and leave it under the pillow. With a little luck, the evasive Tooth Fairy will pick up the deposit bag during the night and leave a deposit.  And who knows - perhaps the kit will inspire a successful career in dentistry or accounting?

Tooth Fairy KitTooth Fairy Kit

The kit is eco-friendly too. The Certificate is made from recovered cotton fibers and the cute deposit bag is made out of unbleached cotton. The Official Tooth Fairy Kit, from Notion Farm, retails for $16. Extra certificates are also available for purchase.

Source and Photos:  Office of the Tooth Fairy