Officially Official News About the Subaru-Toyota Sports Car

Over the last few weeks, a substantial amount of media attention has been directed to the joint Subaru-Toyota sports car. What is getting even more attention is the news that the result could be a light rear-wheel drive performance coupe priced at less the $20,000.

The design came about as a product of a joint venture between Toyota and Subaru that began in July 2007. In return for building their new sports car, Toyota will deliver a compact car to Subaru on an Original Equipment Manufacturer basis. Subaru will also be getting a subcompact from Toyota's subsidiary Daihatsu.

According to Kevin Hunter, the vice president of Calty Design Research in Newport Beach, California, the vision is of a sports car that is still friendly to nature and fun to drive. Previously, Toyota was planning an engine in excess of 400 ponies. The opted however for a smaller 2.0L inline 4 that makes 175 horsepower. A performance edge can easily be achieved by tossing in a turbocharged unit and adding all-wheel-drive.

According to a Subaru spokesman, we should be seeing the new addition at dealerships by 2011. Sadly, Toyota could confirm nothing on their end of the production line. Both the Subaru and Toyota will have distinctive front and rear ends but will still share paneling and interior design cues.

Via : InsideLine by Edmunds