Off-Road-Ready And Sexy? Teva Makes High Heels

High heels. Hiking boots. Generally those two things have only one very loose thing in common: they both go on your feet. Other than that, they really aren't designed to venture into the same places.

That was until some outsole mad scientists decided to combine these two grossly different shoes into one product. Teva, best known for its sport sandals, and Grey Ant, a NY-based purveyor of more fashionable 'wears', recently got together for what they call "the most comfortable, performance high heel on the planet". If you look closely, you'll see a rugged Teva outsole and Teva sandal straps married to a 4-inch heel. Very weird. 

While the advertising for the hyrid kicks includes pictures of women doing all kinds of things like climbing rock, hiking and gardening, one seller is quick to point out that they're "not recommended for actual hiking, gardening, mountain climbing, or Phish concerts." That's a shame; I was really hoping to see these on my next hike. 

The high-heeled sandals will run you a cool $330. 

Via: Uncooped